Ayurvedic Dant Manjan (Black Tooth Powder) (Pack of 5)

Anu’s Dant Manjan is Ayurvedic Toothpowder composed of a medley of ayurvedic essential oils and ingredients, mixed in finely-ground wood charcoal to produce a product with holistic dental care abilities. This is the most organic form of teeth whitener.

  • 100% Ayurvedic. Contains no added chemicals
  • For dental cleanliness
  • Helps in teeth whitening
  • No side effects
  • Net Weight 15gm



Ayurvedic Dant Manjan (Black Tooth Powder) (Pack of 5)


Anu’s Ayurvedic Dant Manjan helps people who consume tobacco-based products. They can see a notable difference upon a few applications of this product. Use the product at least every alternate day, in addition to your normal brush/floss routine to experience best effects. Do not neglect the gums, which is where most periodontal diseases start.

Weight 75 g

100gm, 200gm, 300gm, 400gm, 1kg


  • Coconut shell
  • Mustard oil
  • Salt
  • Clove
  • Camphor (Kapoor)

Directions for Use

  • Pour out a little tooth powder, say 2gms into a shallow dish, or the palm of the hand
  • Moisten & dip the second finger of the other hand onto the powder and rub the powder gently over teeth and gums
  • Keep in the mouth for 2 mins
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly
  • Floss to remove any minute pieces that may have lodged at the gum line & rinse again
  • Though some people use the product with a toothbrush, the most efficient use is by gently rubbing the product over the surfaces of the oral cavity
  • Not to be swallowed