Ayurvedic Cracked Heel Repair Cream (Pack of 2)

Give your heels a gentle care with the time-tested ayurvedic formula for cracked heels. Anu’s Cracked Heel Repair Cream is a combination of 100% pure ayurvedic herbs to heal your dry, rough & cracked feet with natural ingredients. Enriched with the goodness of organic Bee Wax, Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Alum, etc. the ayurvedic cracked heel repair cream reduces inflammation on toe tips & makes your heel softer in a few days.

  • 100% Ayurvedic. Contains no added chemicals
  • Repair dry, rough & cracked heels
  • Net Weight 40gm



Ayurvedic Cracked Heel Repair Cream (Pack of 2)

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 Cracked heels with deep fissures are quite common in both women & men. Cracked heels develop usually on the feet of the people who walk too long that also mostly on a rough or uneven surface, walking barefoot, running on irregular surface, etc. Ayurvedic remedy for cracked heels incorporates the use of ayurvedic herbs mixed with essential oils. Anu’s Ayurveda follows intensive formula to prepare the cracked heel repair cream. The formula features pure nariyal tel, badaam tel, neem tel, beeswax, etc. blended with sarso oil and tea tree oil to help repair cracked heel.

A completely natural formula for a softer & healthier heels, suitable for everyone`.

Weight 105 g

100gm, 200gm, 300gm, 1kg


  • Organic or Natural Beeswax (Madhu Moam)
  • Indian Lilac Oil (Neem ka tel)
  • Castor Oil (Arandi ka tel)
  • Coconut Oil (Nariyal ka tel)
  • Almond Oil (Badaam ka tel)
  • Mustard Oil (Sarso ka tel)
  • Alum (Fitkiri)
  • Camphor (Kapoor)
  • Tea Tree Oil

Directions for Use

  • Apply gently on the affected area
  • Massage the affected area for a couple of minutes
  • Store the cream in a cool dry place