Eco Friendly Agyari Diya (Made from Cow Dung)

Anu’s Ayurveda presents Ayurvedic Eco Friendly Agyari Diya made from Cow Dung. This diya brings the purity of gau shakti into your house and enhances your puja & festival feel.

• 100% Ayurvedic
• Pure ganga jal used
• Spreads amazing fragrance



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Eco Friendly Agyari Diya (Made from Cow Dung)



Light up your home with the blessings of Gaumata in the form of Agyari Diya. These diya are made by hand at home with 100% organic stuff along with cow dung. Agyari diya is also known as Gobar Dia or Cow Dung Dia

Weight 100 g

200gm, 300gm, 500gm, 1gm


  • Cow dung
  • Ganga water (Ganga Jal)
  • Camphor (Kapoor)
  • Incensory (hawan samagri)
  • Incense (dhoop)
  • CommiphoraWightii (Gugul)
  • Indigenous Clarified Butter (desi ghee)
  • Cloves (laung)


Directions for Use

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