Herbal Ayurvedic Amritdhara (Pack of 5)

Amritdhara has been a life savior since forever in every household. Previously everyone could make Amritdhara at home but now-a-days due the busy lifestyle, it has become difficult for many to prepare Amritdhara at home. Anu’s Ayurveda presents 100% herbal Ayurvedic Amritdhara to help restore gastric, indigestion, irritable bowel, nausea, etc.

  • Best first aid for stomach
  • Suitable for children as well as adults
  • No side effects
  • Net Weight 10ml



Herbal Ayurvedic Amritdhara (Pack of 5)


Keep yourself active & your stomach functioning properly with Herbal Ayurvedic Amritdhara. Amritdhara helps restore gas, indigestion and bowel troubles with regular use. It also acts as a remedy for Diarrhea, Stomach Ache, Cuts, Mosquito Bites & Bee Stings.

Weight 50 g

100gm, 200gm, 300gm, 500gm, 1kg


  • Camphor (desi kapoor)
  • Peppermint (Pudina)
  • Caraways (ajwain)


Directions for Use

  • Internal Use:
    1. For stomach ache, indigestion, loss of appetite, heart burn or gas: 3-4 drops of Amritdhara mixed with water or sugar should be taken thrice a day till relief is achieved
    2. For infants above one year: 1 drop to be mixed in saunf water or lukewarm water
    3. For diarrhea: 5-7 drops Amritdhara in a table spoon of ginger juice or water taken every half hour till relief is achieved
    4. For vomiting & nausea: 5-7 drops of Herbal Amritdhara in a table spoon of Anaardana juice or water taken every half hour till relief is achieved


  • External Use:
    1. For headache, pains in joints: Apply repeatedly on the forehead but keep away from eyes and eyebrows
    2. For backache, knee pain or muscular ache: Mix Herbal Amritdhara with ten times of coconut oil or sesame oil and rub on the site of pain
    3. For cuts, wounds, & insects bites & toothache: Apply with a piece of cotton wool on the cuts, wounds, stings or tooth.
    4. For Cold, coughs and tonsillitis: It would be sufficient to inhale Herbal Amritdhara by applying a few drops on a handkerchief. 5-6 drops mixed with a glass of warm water may be used for gargling 3 times a day to which a little salt can be added.